Morning laden with the golden rays of the sun, the music of the cuckoo, the fun of the shade of herbal trees at noon, the sound of peacock’s song, the frolic of monkeys in the evening the clasping of sparrows, fragrance of flowers in night.

  • Situated: On the outside of the city & spread in 4 acres, the building has a lawn and has been designed to suit a natural lifestyle amid.
  • Gymnasium: Ultramodern, latest machine and equipment are available here. Best in the city.
  • Physiotherapy: Latest equipment with qualified Physiotherapist available here.
  • Pathological: Pathological testing facilities are available here.
  • Special: Emphasis laid on staying fit along with cure.
  • Herbal: Canteen & Herbal shop.
  • Generator & Inverter: Services for 24 hour electric power supply.
  • Solar Water Heating System: Facilities of hot water 24 hour.
  • Better: Facilities and cleanliness that other nursing homes and at lower charges. Come to experience, yourself.
  • KOHINOOR: Deluxe family cottage
  • Deluxe: A.C. Room with separate treatment facility.
  • 50 Indoor Beds: (28 general + 22 Private) facility like stay facility, good food and with modern facilities.
  • Fruits: Vegetables and Grains, which have been grown using Natural Fertilizers (free of harmful pesticides) are available here.
  • Doctor & Staff: Have a feeling of affection towards the patient.

"Accept Yoga & Nature

Obtain Happiness & Divinity"

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Yoga Camp from may 21st 2015 to june 21st 2015