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 KHOOB KHAO MOTAPA GHATAO (खूब खाओ मोटापा घटाओ )

13th February 2015 to 21th February 2015

Sukhanand Foundation and Haryana Yog Naturopathy Hospital Bhiwani organize a 9 days competition for obese people named " KHOOB KHAO MOTAPA GHATAO (खूब खाओ मोटापा घटाओ ) ".

In this competition participants had taken rich diet i.e. matar paneer (मटर पनीर), halwa (हलवा), kheer (खीर), puri (पुरी), milk (दुध), chatni (चटनी), salad (सालाद), rice (चावाल), soup (सुप), juice (जुस) etc. and parctice proper breathing technique, proper drinking, surya namaskar, dance, yogasan, pranayam, meditation, laughing, yogic daud etc.

By these means participants reduce/loose 3-5 kg weight in just 8 days without spending any extra time. Participants has enjoyed this time & make it memorable.

International Naturopathy Organization and Patanjali Yog Samiti will the Co-Organizer NGOs'. Concept creator Blissologist Dr. Madan Manav introduce so many new technique for reducing/loosing weight. 

some picture from the closing ceremony.